Looking for Common Ground with Chris Cuomo

In this week’s blog, Chris Cuomo of CNN’s Cuomo Prime Time shares with us about his deep commitment to finding common ground in an environment where it is often a very difficult thing to do.

How Women Rise: Helping Women Change the Behaviors that Get in their Way

What holds talented women back from reaching their full potential? Why do women often find themselves stuck?

Chris Cuomo’s 3 Secrets for Getting to the Truth

Chris Cuomo of CNN’s Cuomo Prime Time shares with us three tips that make him an incredible interview who gets to the truth. We all have to try to get to the truth in our own way sometimes. Chris’s suggestions will help you get there!

Making the Move to Prime Time!

In this first part of our interview, Chris Cuomo (of CNN’s Cuomo Prime Time) and I talk about his new show, how he decided to make the move to prime time, and why this move is so important.

How We Opened the World’s Eyes to Coaching

Coaching wasn’t always for “winners.” Not too long ago, having a coach was seen as a sign that the leader had a problem or issues. Today it’s seen as a prestigious and positive thing. How did that change? Find out in this week’s blog.

If I’m Not an Expert, Why Am I Talking?

To be a great coach, you need to know and understand the process of Stakeholder Centered Coaching®. You also need to understand and share with your clients your content, your area of expertise.

You Can’t Coach the “Uncoachables”!

How do you know when someone just isn’t going to be coachable? If you’re paid on results like we are, this is one of the first things you’d better learn!

How to Make Real Changes with Stakeholder Centered Coaching®

In this short interview excerpt, my friend and fellow coach Chris Coffey and I give a general overview of the Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching®, how it works, and the steps in the process.

The Unique Value of Stakeholder Centered Coaching®

My great friend and fellow coach, Chris Coffey and I talk about Stakeholder Centered Coaching®, how it started, why it works so well, and what it takes to be a successful coach.

You’re Not Perfect – Oh Well!

This powerful little technique combats self-criticism, especially as you embark on your road to change, and it is laughably simple. We hope you’ll give it a try!