Become a Mixmaster and Get Big Things Done!

Erica Dhawan, one of Thinkers50’s emerging thought leaders, shares with us the concept of a “mixmaster”, and how mixmasters can get big things done in our interview this week.

Get Big Things Done in 2019!

In this interview, Erica Dhawan, one of Thinkers50 emerging thought leaders shares with us how we can get started getting big things done in 2019!

Connectional Intelligence: Which Type of Connector Are You?

In this interview, Thinkers50 emerging thought leader and Marshall Goldsmith 100 Coach, Erica Dhawan, explains the different types of connectors that make up the world today. She helps us define which type of connector we are and shares how we can make the most of the intelligent connectors around us.

The Incredible Power of Connectional Intelligence

In this interview series my wonderful friend, Thinkers50 emerging thought leader, and one of my 100 coaches, Erica Dhawan, shares her groundbreaking work on the power of connectional intelligence to get big things done.  In this first part of our interview, Erica gives us the definition of connectional intelligence and explains why it is so critical for success in today’s world.

The Biggest Challenge for Any Coach

In this final part of our interview series, executive coach and facilitator for Stakeholder Centered Coaching in the U.S., Chris Coffey gives us his advice for avoiding the most common traps and pitfalls of coaching.

So You Want to Be a Coach, Now What?

Teacher, facilitator of Stakeholder Centered Coaching® in the U.S., Chris Coffey, shares his take choosing coaching as a career. Why do it, and how do you become successful at it?

How Good Do You Want to Be?

My good friend, Chris Coffey, and co-leader of the Stakeholder Centered Coaching certification is one of our most successful coaches – what makes him so successful?

Does It Really Matter What Other People Think About You?

What is the importance of stakeholders in Stakeholder Centered Coaching®? My good friend, Chris Coffey, and co-leader of the Stakeholder Centered Coaching certification in the U.S. shares with us his take.

Pay for Results is All About Client Selection!

The payment method that we use in Stakeholder Centered Coaching® – being paid only for results – lets people know that we were either crazy or that we know that this process works.

Generativity: The Gift of Giving!

Dr. Steven Berglas, my good friend and one of the foremost authorities on career guidance, recently published, Stay Hungry and Kick Burnout in the Butt. In the book he talks about the term “generativity,” coined by brilliant psychologist Erik Erikson. In this blog Steve and I talk about the pursuit of wealth, the concept of generativity, and what truly is the key to happiness.